• Wichmann Cable Box

    Wichmann Cable Box.
    Effective fire protection.

    With our EasyFoam stoppers we developed a perfect solution for smoke sealing and sound insulation.

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  • Function of the cable box

    Function of the cable box

    In our video we show you the function of the Wichmann Cable Box for an effective fire protection.

On the website of Wichmann Brandschutz-Systeme, the inventor of the cable box as a fire-stop for passive fire protection, you can find all the information you need for the proper installation of cable boxes.

The Wichmann Cable Box has been available for a remarkable period of 30 years - a symbol of quality and sustainability in preventive structural fire protection.

To ensure that a fire-stop works in case of emergency, a correct and approval-compliant installation according to the manufacturer specifications is of key importance. In many cases, however, the installation conditions found in practice do not allow a fire-stop system to be installed approval-compliantly. Often the reason for this is that fire protection with its associated closing of wall openings is implemented after realising most of the other construction phases, during which it is not yet precisely apparent which sealing system will later be implemented as a fire-stop.

This often results in the fact that existing distances between installations frequently do not comply with those required in terms of fire protection. These distances can vary greatly, depending on their certification and on the type of adjacent installation. However, there are already significant differences even in terms of cables or the associated installation conduits.

The design principle behind cable boxes

The unique design principle of a cable box addresses precisely these problems, simplifies installation and reduces the complexity of the issue. This makes the Wichmann Cable Box one of the most sustainable fire-stops on the market, both from a fire protection and economic point of view - particularly against the backdrop of subsequent installation or cable reconfiguration.

Anyone who has already had experience with different fire-stop systems is convinced of the benefits and function of our Wichmann Cable Box. Numerous reputable references speak for themselves.

You, too, can discover the versatile application options in the area of massive and plasterboard wall construction and system floors and be inspired by the Wichmann Cable Box systems.


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